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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lord's Law

Hello and welcome to Lord Ned's Headlines! This is my meager attempt to contribute to the hubbub and hype surrounding HBO's A Game of Thrones (and perhaps some other stuff depending on how this experiment turns out). Its my first shot at ever doing anything like this, so please bear with me as I get accustomed to running this page.

My basic aim, at least to get started is to provide a rundown of each episode of season one. I'll go scene by scene and try to add in some views and color as I go. I'm a long time fan of George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series (the books the show is based on), so hopefully I can add some perspective to people not as familiar with the source material.

The specific audience for this blog is for readers of the novels who are also planning on watching the show.

One warning. I intend to include thoughts on later events, speculation and theories from the novels that will not yet have occurred on the show. I'll try to mention when possible spoilers are coming up, but I plan to keep the discussion pretty open to any and all thoughts that happen to pop into my head as I break down the episodes. IF YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT HAPPENS OR COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN FARTHER DOWN THE LINE IN THE SERIES, I HEREBY EXPUNGE MYSELF FROM SPOILING THE PLOT FOR YOU! Everyone and anyone is welcome here, but please, read the books first if you are worried about having the story ruined for you.

That said, I sincerely hope you enjoy the posts and continue to come back to check out my views on what I hope turns out to be a kick-ass television experience.

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